Our Advantages

No Hassles ● No Gimmicks ● Just Great Classes

No Test Fees

No test fees for color belts. (Fees apply for Black Belt testing.)

What We Offer

  • Personal Attention

    Each and every student receives one-on-one attention and curriculum catering to your ability and needs. We maintain small class sizes, so you will excel and learn quickly. You can expect to be corrected a lot during class. Everyone is in the same boat no matter the skill level. This leads to fast development and a culture of continually striving for perfection.

  • Check Your Ego at the Door

    Our students and instructors are all on the same journey. We had to step into class one day being the new white belt. It can be a bit scary and intimidating. We are here for you. Bullying and bad attitudes are not tolerated.

  • Belt Progression

    Since belt testing is free up to Black Belt, each belt must be earned. We are not like other studios that promise a Black Belt in 18 months. Black Belts are awarded by an independent panel of Masters interested only in maintaining the high quality of the World Tang Soo Do Association. When you awarded a belt you know you have earned it!

  • Passion & Energy

    Our instructors are passionate about the art and about building character and skill in our students. Their high energy and high expectations are infectious. Something magical happens when you bring together a group of people with great attitudes continually working to be better versions of themselves.

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