Tang Soo Do Teen/Adult Program

Tang Soo Do
for Teens and Adults

Tuesday & Thursday 6:30-7:30pm
What to Expect
Come as you are! Don't wait until you are fit to begin your journey. The workouts will make your sore at the beginning. You will be using muscles in new ways. Although you will get a good cardio workout, we recommend having a well-rounded exercise routine that includes endurance, cardio, and strength training.

We teach both Tang Soo Do and Split Second Survival techniques in this class. Chuck Norris once trained under Grandmaster Jae C. Shin, our association's founder. You will be learning this well-rounded kicking and striking art which also includes hold reversals, rolls and falls. This looks like the traditional karate class most people envision with lines of students doing blocks in low stances, performing spinning and jumping kicks, and doing forms. As you progress through the ranks, you will learn how to use the bo staff, knife, and sword-- all traditional Korean weapons.

Split Second Survival is a modern style that focuses on multiple armed attackers in street situations. The aim is to get away quickly and safely. It uses both body mechanics and psychology to help gain the upper hand in a dangerous situation. As you progress, you will learn how to take away weapons and how to knock out opponents with one strike. It is the ultimate in soft-style martial arts.
Relieve Stress and Fight Depression
  • Releases Endorphins – Cardio exercise causes the brain to release endorphins which greatly improves your mood. Have you ever heard of the “runner’s high?” This feeling comes from a good cardio workout like martial arts training.

  • Active Meditation – Working out with martial arts helps build focus. This focus coupled with the aspect of exercise helps you to meditate while exercising. This helps you to forget about the worries of the day and helps clear your mind. This relaxed state of mind often results in being more creative and optimistic when approaching a problem at work or at home.

  • Better Mood – Studies have shown that regular exercise lowers anxiety and may ward off mild depression. Martial arts training also boosts self-confidence. You not only start to look and feel better, but you carry yourself with confidence projecting a better attitude to those around you.
Increase Strength and Balance
Peaceful Warrior Martial Arts training focuses heavily on the “core,” referring to the abdomen, hips, and lower back areas. Many of us are too sedentary--working at desk jobs or coming home too tired and stressed to get off the couch. Developing your core helps with overall health, posture, and may help relieve back pain. The martial arts utilize the core in nearly all aspects of training such as holding deep stances, moving quickly, blocking, striking, and kicking. Working the core with these other body dynamics improves balance.
Boost Stamina and Endurance
Our classes start with a solid warm up to avoid injuries. We understand what it is like being an adult. We will not expect you to start off throwing jump spinning kicks. We train fundamentals and build from there. Each class will vary, but you can rest assured that you will learn to push your endurance and achieve results far beyond the norm.
Become More Flexible
Flexibility becomes more and more important as we age and begin losing it. It is much easier to maintain good flexibility than trying to develop it from scratch. We utilize both static and dynamic stretching. Dynamic stretching is great in warm-ups and uses muscle movement to improve strength and flexibility. Static stretching is best after the work-out and involves more traditional stretches. This conditioning helps improve flexibility thereby avoiding many unnecessary injuries.
Learn Important Self-Defense Skills
Our focus at Peaceful Warrior Martial Arts is on improving ourselves and others. The World Tang Soo Do Association was founded on the principles of Traditionalism, Professionalism, and Brotherhood. We are here to learn to become professionals in our art. This means building the necessary skills, maintaining those skills through regular practice, and having the wisdom to know when and how to use those skills.

Tang Soo Do teaches reversals of many grabs and holds. It also utilizes multiple opponent techniques with various kicks and strikes. Your ability to protect yourself and your loved ones may one day be the most important thing you have ever learned.

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